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LycoWhite Trio Set
LycoWhite Trio Set
S$ 504
S$ 350

Skin-brightening oral supplements great for year-round protection against damage caused by free radicals and UV radiation, leaving you with naturally radiant and healthier skin.




Lyco-White (LW): 
A novel skin-whitening oral supplement with proven, powerful and patented ingredients that helps to lighten and even the skin tone. It is an oral agent that helps to fight free radicals leading to significant protection of skin against UV radiation. This product provides all-round health benefits to your body as well. Side effects are extremely rare - the key ingredients such as Tomato extract, Curcumin and Pepper - all common food ingredients that are consumed daily.

Lyco-White is suitable for vegetarians and certified 'HALAL' and 'KOSHER'.


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