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Exfoliate and Renew
Exfoliate and Renew
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Put skin on a fresh clean slate through renewal so that it looks more vibrant and youthful looking.



Facial Scrub (FS):

Its ultra-fine crystals effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and speed up skin turnover. It also helps in clearing out impurities and absorbing excess oil. The result is skin that’s cleaner, more radiant and even-toned as well as soft and smooth to the touch.


C-Plus (C+):

Age-defense serum formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C, coupled with Nobel prize ‘Fullerenes” and Tocopheryl that has superior antioxidant action and strong collagen stimulation, leaving skin smooth and brightened.


DermaShield Mask (DM):

Each sheet is saturated with DermaShield Serum that works to further reinforce protection from daily exposure to High-Energy Visible or Blue Light and Infrared Light as well as environmental pollutants, at the same time leave skin feeling smooth, moisturized and looking fresher, more radiant and youthful with continued use.


A-Plus (A+):

This advanced age-preventive treatment is your skin’s first line of defence against early signs of aging. Using a patented Vitamin A molecule formulated with a potent antioxidant, Niacinamide, this product stimulates and boosts cellular turnover without irritation, resulting in a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It is also shown to be effective in targeting blemishes via comedolytic and anti-inflammatory effects. Blemish marks are visibly lightened, resulting in a brighter and clearer complexion.


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