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Brighten and Protect
Brighten and Protect
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A regime to give you fairer, brighter and more even tone skin with the ultimate protection from environmental pollutants and UV rays. 




C-Plus (C+):

Age-defense serum formulated with a potent form of Vitamin C, coupled with Nobel prize ‘Fullerenes” and Tocopheryl that has superior antioxidant action and strong collagen stimulation, leaving skin smooth and brightened.


DermaShield Serum (DS):

This is your “screen protector” in a bottle. For use day and night, this serum works like an invisible shield to protect your skin from the harmful effects of High-Energy Visible (Blue Light) and Infrared light as well as environmental pollutants that can accelerate skin aging. When paired with a sunscreen, you can be sure you’re getting maximum protection.


DermaShield Mask (DM):

Each sheet is saturated with DermaShield Serum that works to further reinforce protection from daily exposure to High-Energy Visible or Blue Light and Infrared Light as well as environmental pollutants, at the same time leave skin feeling smooth, moisturized and looking fresher, more radiant and youthful with continued use.


Tinted Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ (S1):

A versatile sunscreen in a universal shade that provides sheer coverage for those who don’t want to leave the house bare-faced. This non-oily product is a combination (organic and non-organic) sunscreen lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin to help prevent the harmful effects of UV rays and sunburn. It also contains botanical extracts and antioxidants to protect and prevent skin from the effects of photo-aging.


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